Types and Features of Office Chairs

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In office employees spend a lot of time working together for the growth of business. office chairs play a very important role making things comfortable for them. So the employers should pay attention towards the chairs those are given to their employees. In this way, it is ensured that employees do not develop any kind of back problems for sitting too long. The chairs must be designed in such a way that should provide comfort and maintain good body posture.

Types of office chairs:

There are different kinds of office chairs with different specification and usage. Employers must select office chairs wisely for their employees.

  • Conference chairs and Ergonomic chairs

Conference chairs should be very relaxing and flexible as well. If somebody has any issues related to back, then ergonomic chair is the option. These kinds of chairs provide best back support. The chair must have proper armrests, adjustable height and proper headrest.

  • Executive chairs

Offices have executive chairs as well. These kinds of chairs have wheels which help in rotating the chair in any desired direction. Armrests of these chairs have padding too. These kinds of office chairs are meant for higher executives hence costly.

  • Guest chairs and Mesh chairs

In every office, we can find some chairs which are meant for guests who visit the office. These are generally placed near the reception. These chairs need not to be adjustable or mobile but should be comfortable enough. Employers can also design their guest chairs to showcase the product or services they deliver. Mesh chairs are kind of office chairs which give better air circulation than other chairs because of cushioned seats on top of net kind of fabric. 

Features of good office chairs

While buying office chairs there are certain points to be taken into consideration. Office chairs must be strong and stable as well. If it is not, it may result in permanent and serious injury to the user.

  • Height adjustment is a much desired property because everybody is not of same height.
  • Quality armrests which are adjustable can help employees to work for a prolonged time without any issues.
  • The chairs must be made up of good quality of plastic or wood.
  • A chair which provides a good back support is an ultimate choice for every employee. It helps them to relax in between.

It is always better to take feedback from the employees how comfortable they are in their office chairs and what are the features they are looking for in the same. This will give a better idea to the employer in selecting best office chairs.

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