The Ultimate Groomsmen’s Gift

Published On October 13, 2016 | By Russell Easty | Shopping Cart

When you are getting married, there are a lot of rituals that you are expected to take part in. Some of them are silly, and others make more sense. One tradition that many people have continued for decades is the tradition of the groomsmen’s gift. The groom typically buys his groomsmen a gift to show his appreciation for their friendship and their support. This gift tradition is a great way to give them something, but as is common with most weddings, the gifts are too often something that they will never actually use. Much like bridesmaids and their dresses, groomsmen often find that their gifts don’t have much use after the wedding. If you are a groom looking to buy a gift for your best friends, you should think about buying something useful.

A Pocket Knife

Few things are more useful than a good pocket knife. They are useful for everything from opening cans while camping to cleaning your fingernails before a date. If you want to make your gift especially useful, you’ll buy your groomsmen a Swiss army knife. The knife is considered the gold standard of pocket knives. In fact, it’s more of a multi-tool than just a knife. The baseline version contains nail clippers, a can opener, and so much more. It’s useful for just about any occasion; indoors or outdoors. They make great gifts because they can be personalised.

Personalising the Gift

The gift can be personalised in the sense that you can choose to have it engraved or choose a colour that means something to your friends. These knives come in many different colours and sizes. However, you can also have it personalised based on the needs of your groomsmen. You could conceptually get all of them the same type of knife, or even buy a different one for each person. For example, if a friend is in the technology sector, you might buy a pocket knife that is specifically designed for indoor use. These might have wire cutters, a tiny screwdriver, and other tools that someone would use if they were working on a computer. For an outdoorsy friend, you might buy a multi-tool more suited for camping. These knives might feature a tiny saw, a flint for starting a fire, or even a small flashlight.


These gifts are great because they are personalised for each person, but they’re also great because they’re actually useful. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to get your groomsmen something superfluous and unnecessary. They’ll be able to take their Swiss Army knife and use it in their everyday lives. It’s a great way to thank your friends, as well as a great way to give them something practical, functional, and constructive.

Buy the Best

There are many kinds of multi-tools out in the world, but the Swiss Army created the original. They created the iconic pocket knife multi-tool, and you shouldn’t settle for an imitation. They are more reliable, more useful, and more durable than copycats. A good knife can last for decades. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a father to pass along a pocket knife to his daughter or son, but that’s only possible if you invest in the original and not an imitation.

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