Promotional Gifts: A Fun and Functional Marketing Technique

Published On May 27, 2017 | By Russell Easty | Shopping Cart

There is a time and a place for promotional gifts. The right time is “anytime.” The right place is “any place.” Of course, there are sensible limits to everything, including handing out these special items. But a small item that promotes your company can be displayed, made available, or literally handed out in dozens of different settings.

This is one of the best marketing tools that you can use, primarily because these gifts get you noticed without emptying your business account. The array of options is too long to list in a limited space but the key is to make your gifts functional and interesting in a personal way. You can offer ink pens, coffee and tea mugs, keyrings, mouse mats, and much, much more.

Where? When?

As you start to think about this marketing method, keep a few basic ideas in mind. You need to create brand awareness while presenting a consistent message that will remain with your customer. In addition, there are so many choices; you can use different items separately or together, depending on what has worked or what you believe will work.

You may want to try promotional gifts from at a corporate event whether the event is a trade show, an industry conference, or an exhibition. You’ll attract interest to your trade show booth or display with the right choice and potential customers will have something useful to take away. This simple option can set your business apart from others who have only pamphlets and business cards available.

Consider putting several small items along with snacks and such in a lightweight bag with your logo on it. This is a standard at trade shows and other exhibits. You can use the traditional idea while making your promotional items slightly different or even unique. Remember, in addition to the opportunity to draw potential customers and make them feel appreciated, you can take a giant step in your branding efforts.

Branding, Identity

Promotional items are very versatile because they can be offered or made available in so many settings. But you also have such an array of different items that you can choose which will solidify your brand best in a specific situation. You can have a presence at a sports or leisure activity, in a fundraiser, on the jerseys of a youth sports team, and many more locations. In a related way, promotional gifts start the process of building a corporate identity. With quality items that can be both fun and functional, you build credibility and reinforce your presence on a consistent basis.

One of the greatest benefits of small gift items is they can build your brand and establish a feeling of trust whenever you interact with clients or potential clients. Of course, the more-than-reasonable cost means that you generally have a great return on investment, more than almost any other marketing method or technique. You should consider using small giveaway items that can be passed from one person to another because businesses in the 21st century depend so much on viral growth.

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