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Published On July 12, 2017 | By Russell Easty | Clothing

Hey all the pretty college girls out there! Have you been sighing every morning standing in front of your wardrobe and wondering how you have nothing to wear? Well, be assured this is not a feeling that you go through alone; it is a very normal ‘girl-thing’. If you are someone who likes to wear style and comfort to your college as an everyday wear, then dresses are perhaps your best bet to stock up in the wardrobe. While a pair of jeans and Tee may seem too regular, casual dresses accentuate every girl’s look to the best. Having said this there are certain rules to wear dresses to college. Make sure that comfort is an important part of your dressing even when you are playing around with dresses of various types. Extremely short and tight-fitted dresses could attract some unwanted stares and hence should be best avoided when it is a regular college day. At the same time, extremely long dresses could make you feel restricted as you move around. Opt for a casual and comfortable fit, but feel free to experiment with the styles and prints. The best part about dresses is they come in a variety of patterns, prints and colours. When it comes to choosing these one can go all out experimenting with the colours as well as mixing and matching the styles. Some of the latest patterns in dresses that are the style statement these days include:

  1. Florals: Floral prints are versatile, vibrant and perfect for the college girls to carry as a part of their everyday college looks. Short or long, floral dresses look cute and chic adding up all the way to the style and funky quotient for the college girls. Team them up with heels, flip flops or sneakers and accentuate them with the right dresses to create your own style statement.
  2. Kurti or Tunics: If you think ethnic is your strong sense of style, yet want to add in an element of modernity; kurti or tunics with ethnic print would be your best style bet. These can be worn as dresses or paired with some bottom wear to create the perfect look that every college goer swears by. Stone studded accessories and trinkets add to the charm of these dresses making it a must have in every college goer’s wardrobe.
  3. Checks: Funky and casual checks are the in-thing when it comes to experimenting with the dresses. An extension of the regular shirts, the check patterned dresses come in various designs, lengths and patterns and we swear by its funk quotient. These patterns are very versatile and available in pastel to bold dark colours which just gives the college goers ample opportunity to experiment with. Wear them with sneakers and add in some extra elements like belts to create your own unique style that is sure to make the heads turn.
  4. T-shirt Dresses: T-shirt dresses are perhaps the best things that ever happened for the college going girls. A perfect blend of style with comfort, these T-shirt dresses for women are available in various colours with graphics that are cute yet trendy. These can be paired with sneakers, flip flops or even the regular floaters spelling out complete comfort as your style for the day.
  5. Denims: Denims are back and are the in-thing this season. From off shoulder to tunics to button dresses; denims are the hottest trend that every college girl must adhere to. Denims are often synonymous with comfort, and these denim dresses are meant to bring in style and comfort to your wardrobe.

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