How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

Published On April 16, 2017 | By Russell Easty | Lifestyle

It’s almost that time of year again, when you uncover the garden furniture and prepare the terrace for inhabitation, and if you are planning a very special occasion, you will need to be on top of your game. Anything upwards of 20 people is no longer a dinner party and requires some careful planning, and if this is what you are soon to be faced with, here are some helpful hints to ensure the event goes well.

  • An Endless Supply of Ice – Almost every party runs out of ice at some point in the evening, and if you happen to live next door to an ice factory, it isn’t a problem, yet for the rest of us, having a constant supply of ice can be a real challenge. The best solution is to buy an ice machine from established online suppliers who have a range of makes and models to suit every budget.
  • Delegate – The secret to organising any event is delegation, which means involving family and a few close friends. Call a friendly meeting a month or so prior to the big day, and ask for volunteers to help arrange things. Anything you can’t handle, can be outsourced, and with all hands on deck, you will have time to mingle and be the perfect host.
  • Choose your Guests Carefully – We’ve all seen the comedy movies where the guests at a dinner party are totally unsuited, and while it is hilarious to watch a man of the cloth arguing with a racist and a neo-Nazi, it isn’t the ideal ambience for a good evening. It is OK to invite people of different age groups, and indeed of different backgrounds, but try to avoid inviting people who have very strong, opposing views.
  • Create an Air of Mystery – Unlike a holiday tour, it isn’t wise to inform your guest about absolutely everything they will experience in the course of the evening, and surprise can be used to your advantage. Perhaps a performer, or maybe some games you have secretly arranged, will add spice to the occasion and keep your guests guessing.
  • The Right Ambience – Using awnings, screens and the right lighting, you can create the perfect environment for the gathering, and with suitable background music and a well-stocked bar, your guests will feel comfortable. If you ever need a something urgently like ice machines in Perth, or outside caterers in Melbourne, the Internet is a wealth of information and will soon help you source the right service.

Be calm and above all, be yourself, as the ambience can only work when the host is genuinely welcoming and relaxed, and with all the planning and preparation in place, you can enjoy the event as much as anyone. The catering would be a main cause for concern, and unless you are competent, it might be an idea to outsource, and with adequate drink and ice supplies, you have the foundation for a memorable evening.

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