How to Allure Women Clients With Your Corporate Gifts?

Published On July 31, 2016 | By Russell Easty | Shopping Cart

When it comes to women clients, you have to think hard and plan something fabulous to win their hearts with the corporate gifts. You need to plan something simple yet astounding gift to make the girls say “Wow”- while opening the box. Women love surprises and if a woman is your top client- she and her “favorite things” are definitely your priority.

Here, we have some amazing tips that you can try to make the women clients happy with the fabulous presents—


Stylish women care for their accessories. If your client understands fashion, she could appreciate the branded belt, clutch or shoes you send her as a gesture to acknowledge her contribution to your business. Select the classic colors that are loved by almost women such as beige, wine-red, black and more. Laptop bags and purses from a reputed manufacturer can also please the woman clients.

Jewelry piece or dress

If you share an excellent relationship with your woman clients, opting for a piece of jewelry can allure them. This can be expensive and may exceed your budget, but for a special client, you can invest so, if you are comfortable. Choosing a good gift for clients especially women is more challenging. Think about a nice dress or jacket that they will appreciate as a good gesture.


Personalized Office Utility Items

If the woman client for whom you are buying the corporate gifts has a fascination with any particular color or material- gift her a set of personalized office utility stuff such as pen stands, magazine racks, name card holders, coin banks, paperweights and more.

Present her a Woman’s Day Present

Women love celebrating the Woman’s Day. More than them, the people surrounding them give them gifts and wish them. If you have a woman client, send her a gift immediately. Make sure, that it must be classy and useful for her.


Apart from the personalized pens or bags, this time, you can think different. Buy her a dinner coupon with her spouse or partner or gift her spa appointment. They will love to have such amazing presents. Though we cannot refer such presents into the realm of corporate gifts, still for a change, you can opt for these fresh ideas to surprise the woman clients.

Tickets to opera

If you really want the women clients to get surprised- send them tickets for the most happening opera. If luckily, any European opera is visiting the country, this is going to be a great chance for you. Most women enjoy visiting the theaters for plays or operas. Hit the target hard and make her happy for the sake of your business.


We can count books among the corporate gifts as books are the best gifts ever. Intelligent women enjoy reading books whenever they get time. If you manage to know her choice, select the books smartly. You can also gift her one book reading tablet full of great classic and latest e-books.

These are some of the classiest ways to allure women clients with great

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