Four Awesome Tips to Buy Quality T-shirts Online

Published On November 22, 2016 | By Russell Easty | Clothing

Shopping in the internet is an excellent way to browse for products you need without the need to go to a department store. When you are looking for quality T-shirts or wholesale polo shirts, you will wish to keep some tips in mind in order to make the process easier.

Find Cotton

There are a lot of good clothing items which are not made from 100% cotton. But, if you want to buy long-lasting T-shirts, cotton and cotton blends are your best bet. Cotton blends are especially helpful as they are less likely to shrink when washed and hold color better. Meanwhile, cotton is durable, insulating, hypoallergenic and breathable. When you find a shirt you like and it is not pure cotton, ensure it provide at least 50/50 blend.

Determining Sizing

Each company makes it clothing a little differently and you have to consider this when you shop for clothing online. Look for size charts in sellers’ websites made to offer you an accurate way for ensuring your clothing fits. A good store shop in online should have this information for customers.

Pick Fair Labor

After you ensure the shirts you are looking at are well-designed and made to fit, look into the practices of the company. What you spend your cash on has an impact on society and picking a company which practices responsible manufacturing will definitely go a long way in doing great for the entire planet.


A good clothing company uses careful practices during each step of the supply chain, from using the right fabric it uses to make its clothing to the everyday operations at its factory. They even work with other environmentally and socially responsible clothing companies in order to help in further improving human rights policies. If you purchase from them, you will not just get quality T-shirts you love but also support a company which cares.

Check the Company’s Return Policy

Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes even if you carefully thought out a purchase, it still does not work out. Before ordering a T-shirt or wholesale blank t-shirts, ensure the company you are purchasing from accepts returns. Some companies accept returns on unused and unwashed merchandise up to thirty days after the customer placed an order. But, If you make sure that you purchase high quality clothing from a reputable store, you can be sure that you will not be sending any item back.


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