Careful Selection of Dishes is Important while Loading the Dishwasher

Published On April 9, 2018 | By Russell Easty | Accessories

When we buy a dishwasher we get overexcited and start washing almost everything that we find. For few days, washing utensils is fun and is done by every member in the family. Gone is the time when washing utensils was a topic of argument, every night.

However, according to les spécialistes du lave-vaisselle, not all utensils are considered dishwasher friendly. Every item cannot tolerate that high temperature that is generated by the machine to destroy germs. Some crockery is valuable enough to be left in dishwasher where they are bumped by the machine to wash and dry.

Although a dishwasher handles almost everything but, here are few utensils that shouldn’t be washed in it –

  • Don’t try cleaning garlic press in it because the garlic pieces stuck in are washed and all pieces spread over the machine which later gets difficult to remove. The same goes with cheese grater.
  • Your knife’s sharpness can fade due to strong detergents and excessive moving around in the machine, thus try maintaining it by cleaning with hands.
  • Don’t put copper vessels in dishwasher because that can take away the colour and shine and rust them.
  • Old utensils, well old means old, are not meant for dishwashers because they were made before it was introduced therefore don’t try experimenting with your granny’s hot pot by putting it in the machine.
  • Dishwasher releases hot water and a temperature which is around 130 Fahrenheit. Some plastic containers are microwave safe which is mentioned below and can bear that temperature but few are unable to tolerate the temperature released and melt.

  • Wooden spatula and utensils have to be washed manually as you can’t keep them wet for a prolong time in a dishwasher.
  • Don’t put your pet’s bowl with your utensils in the same wash. This can contaminate your utensils as well because research says, even though the pet bowl is washed, the Salmonella bacteria remains there.
  • Cast iron pan have a coating that keeps food tasty, putting it in dishwasher can destroy that coating completely. The same happens with non stick pans, copper and aluminum items.
  • Labels should be removed from utensils before putting them for washing. These labels trap the filter and block the machine later on.
  • Use a detergent that is specified for dishwasher and not any dishwashing liquid, unless you don’t want your house filled with bubbles.
  • Crystal glasses can chip and their shine might go off. As they are delicate and expensive items, try cleaning them manually.

The list seems to be long but not difficult to handle. There are still your daily utensils and pans that can be placed in the machine to get washed. If you want the machine to serve for long then follow these instruction.

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