Can wearing a tight bra cause problem?

Published On July 29, 2016 | By Russell Easty | Clothing

For a long time now, women are under the impression that if they wear a tight bra, they might be able to prevent their breasts from sagging. Sagging has always been dreaded by women since this stops them from wearing their favourite dress when they need it. Proper and firm breasts are the two things that women want the most when they wish to wear a dress that is figure hugging. To set things right, they tend to purchase the bra online that has a smaller cup size than theirs. Women tend to think that this is a fashion statement but seem oblivious to the health hazards that a tight bra can lead them to.

Problems caused by wearing tight bra:

It is highly recommended to purchase the ladies innerwear with the correct measurements rather than thinking about fashion. Next time you plan to buy a tight bra onlinethink about these health hazards.

  • Prevents blood circulation:

Next time you wear a tight bra, try to look out for the red patch that appears on the skin when you remove the strap. The straps of the tight bras constrict the skin and blood flowing under it. You might experience a feeling were your armpits and your breasts are being poked with needles. This is mainly because of the restricted blood flow and the accumulation of blood around the constricted region. In the longer run, this results in severe skin allergies, rashes and a permanent damage to the breasts.

  • Pain and suffocation:

These two things are brought about by the underwire in the bra. The elastic or the strap covering the underwire would wrap itself tightly around the chest and exerts pressure on the rib cage and the spinal cord. The muscle around the neck and shoulder, which needs support from the lower limbs, faces extra pressure and bulk and you are left with a severe back pain. Since the pressure is felt on the rib cage, the breathing feels constricted and as a result you will feel suffocated. If the tight bras are not avoided, any existing respiratory problems would further be worsened.

  • Digestive distress:

Along with the rib cage, the diaphragm and the stomach muscles gets compressed if a tight bra is used for a long time. This generally leads to some of the common digestive problems like constipation, irritable bowel and irregularities in the digestive patterns.

  • Cancer:

This is the dangerous health hazard amongst all. It has been well proven that breast cancer can also be linked to the prolonged use of tight bra. Compression of the breasts for a long period of time would lead to the accumulation of blood vessels and fluids around the lymph nodes in the region. What starts out as a benign tumour can turn into malignant and become a threat to the life.


It is high time to start following healthy habits rather than thinking about creating a fashion statement with every dress that one wears. Without life, these fashion styles are of no use to the person.

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